iOS 7 Platform has Triggered the iPhone Apps Development for Business and Entertainment Purpose

iOS 7 undoubtedly brought with it a lot of changes, some which were whole heartedly awaited and some which users repented after updating! But whatever it is, the biggest advantage of iOS 7 which iPhone today is blessed with is the emergence of the new volume licensing model! This eased the mobile apps development to a great extent! This is the biggest step of Apple so far in the direction of converting iPhone as a meaningful and complete business device.

Shortcomings in the Mobile apps Development concerning iPhone before the introduction of iOS 7

Before iOS 7 hit the markets, there was a lot chaos and confusion prevailing especially on the side of companies and enterprises. The organizations which were looking forward to purchase or download the applications from Apple’s app store were required to have a user account. The whole deal used to be signed keeping in mind that the person using, downloading and buying the application is a user. This used to hinder the functioning of enterprises as they used to face issues while distributing the apps to their employees and stakeholders.

iOS 7 - revolutionized the iPhone apps development for business and enterprise purposes

The issue was then soon addressed by the apple and it soon releases volume purchase programs, appropriately called as VPP. This licensing now allows enterprises and schools to purchase a whole series of apps with the help of redemption codes which can then be distributed to end users. Further the new update also solved underlying problems. Before the update if the employee leaves the company, the app still remains within their mobile. However with the release of update, apple provides the business and enterprises with the same API with which they can revoke the license from the user. Apple would then ask the user and give it a grace period for deciding that whether the user would want to buy the app on own or else would delete it after the expiry of grace period!

 iPhone apps development was thus customized a step further than what it was before! All thanks to Apple! 


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