Apple SIM To Lure the Customers

It provides the customer with the facility to change the telecommunications company without the hustle of changing the SIM again and again. This iPhone SIM is provided with dynamic options, It comes preinstalled with the iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3 cellular and Wi-Fi Models,  through which we can choose from a list of short term plans of different carriers in UK and US, So as and when required we can opt for the plan that suits us the best without any bond or commitment .

While traveling also we can choose a data plan from a local carrier temporarily. Now there are various reasons why Apple choose to bring this service confined to iPad and not on Apple Iphone, among them the most important one is that while purchasing an iPhone a multiple year contract for a specific plan comes along, so the user does not want to switch over to any other plan or service. If you purchase your iPad mini 3 or iPad Air 2 from a participating carrier store then your apple SIM will support only that carrier’s program and if you purchase it from an Apple Retail Store or an Apple online store then it will be compatible with all the carrier programs supported within that country. It supports 20 LTE bands as well as both CDMA and GSM.

It has been stated that one can choose from different carrier programs, for example in the US one can choose from Sprint, T-Mobile etc, but it is disappointing to note that when we choose AT&T then AT&T locks the Apple SIM and dedicate it to their network only.


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