How to Update an iOS App?

Apple is a number one company in selling electronic gadgets like iPad, iPod, iMac and iPhone. All apple devices run on unique software called the iOS. There is a lot of demand for iOS apps development as the number of Apple device users is increasing. You can create an app and release and maintain it on the Apple store. Maintaining of apps is important as you need to be in contact with your customers.

Here are few steps to update your iOS app-

  • View crash reports, respond to customer reviews, and fix problems that occur in your apps.
  • Use iTunes Connect to release and update new versions of your app. Check the status of your app regularly through iTunes Connect.
  • View customer reviews time to time. Customer ratings and reviews on the store can affect the success of your app.
  • View crash reports. Use iTunes Connect to download crash reports submitted to Apple by users.
  • Update your app regularly. It is the same process as uploading app.
  • iTunes Connect provides data like sales and financial reports so you can do a self check.
  • iOS 7 also allows you to switch immediately between apps and to resume an app. Multitasking doesn't slow down the performance or drain extra battery life.
  • You can also set up automatic app updates in newest devices with OS 7. This is a very easy and convenient mode of updating your app.

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