What Are Second Screen Apps?

 To understand the second screen Apps, we first must understand what is a second screen? If I explain it in an easy language then “Any tech gadget like Smartphone or Tablet, which can be used to watch TV is known as Second screen or Companion Device”. in layman language, it’s just a screen which can be used to connect to your television show, through a specific App. The Apps which convert your Smartphone or Tablet into a TV or the Apps which after getting downloaded on your Smartphone help you to play your favorite TV shows on The Mobile Phone are called second screen Apps. And who doesn’t want to enjoy on the go TV! So these Apps are among big hits these days. It can be seen as one of the biggest turn in the mobile App development phase in human history.

Second screen apps taking mobile apps development into a different era!
There are hundreds of second screen Apps present in the App market and the list is still increasing. These Apps allow you to watch the TV on second screen and it can be your mobile phone or your tablet so you can watch your favorite show even if you are not at home. You can even interact with what you are exploring whether it’s a TV show, movie or video game.  Good Apps provide good picture quality and hence you can easily play high definition videos through these Apps. You can watch live TV as well as recorded shows series as per your choice. They offer thousands of episodes and multifunctional screen. Few touches and you can explore Pandora of serials and movies. You also get timely updates about upcoming movies and shows, you can even rate them. These Apps make the entertainment industry alive on the gadget of your choice. You simply need good internet connection and appropriate storage space on your Smart phone.

Second screen apps: revolutionizing android apps development!
Different second screen own some different features. Some are free and some can be downloaded after paying little amount. You can choose from Apps which shows hundreds of channels or you can only go for channel specific Apps it’s all in your hand. You can also read brief introduction or plot of the movie you want to watch and also interact with other fans of the same movie. In all if I sum up! In this mobile App development era, second screen apps have made the experience of watching the favorite shows even better than TV.


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