Software Testing Services in India - The Prevailing Trends

Technological development and growth in the IT sector have opened up new opportunities for software testing services. The focus on mobile delivery of all solutions has caused a rethink on the standard testing parameters. More and more businesses are changing their testing methodologies to take in the new developments and provide error-free solutions.

Here’s a look at some of the trends noticeable in the Indian software testing services space:

Automation Gaining Importance: The increasing demand for quicker deliveries means that manual testing is being cast aside for more automated testing. Companies are using the latest testing tools to automate as much of the process as possible. Nearly all backend process are is being tested automatically while only the user interface checked manually in some cases.

Manual Checks Still Important: Though this is somewhat contrary to what was mentioned above, what the point tries to say is that manual checks are still important for certain processes. Though most testing has been automated, checking the user interface remains a manual job. The testing levels increase for software meant for the retail customer while enterprise software does not need that many checks.

Increasing Focus on Security: The robustness and strength of the underlying architecture and the coding are becoming important issues as more and more data gets stored on mobile devices and personalized software. Developers are making sure that the applications are not vulnerable to attacks and can ward off even concentrated attacks from viruses and malware.

Dedicated Testing Centers: With each aspect of the development, process increasing in complexity, a slew of dedicated testing centers that have opened up across the country to provide dedicated service. Many software developers prefer to outsource the work to these specialists who are aware of the latest trends and developments in the software testing space and can deliver better service levels than in-house teams.

Focus on Mobile: As smartphones and tablets surpass PC sales, various companies are opting to use the handheld to engage customers, manage operations, etc. The transition is expected to continue, and software testing companies are focusing on the new space. They use the latest tools and programs, to test the applications for the mobile environment. The trend is expected to pick-up momentum as the mobile revolution continues.


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