How to go mobile on budget?

Let’s begin to count the number of people without mobile phones?
Gosh! There are hardly a few left in this world to jump into the ocean of mobile phones. With latest of technologies and the fame of brands, everybody wants to grab and own the best available mobile phones in the market.  Choice of buying a mobile phone is solely a personal decision. Price plays an important role in selecting a wise one. We all have our own range of budget allocation for buying a mobile or cell phones. 
If you ask me how to go mobile on budget? My answer is right here.

Cost-effective: Purchasing a mobile is one’s own capacity. A mobile has to be cost effective on the first place. I expect the mobile I own to be completely worth for the money I pay. Every penny spent has to be useful as its hard earned money. These days there are EMI options available for buying mobile and other gadgets which can be obtained if required.

Multiple features:  If I am looking for a low cost mobile, I will go for one which has varied number of basic features like camera, radio, music and games which are useful and necessary. Also look for additional features like flashlight, front camera, dual-sim options and more.

Sleek and trendy look: Buy a mobile phone which looks good, trendy and eye-catchy. These days there are so many local and international brands which offer wide range of phones which look classy and not heavy on pockets.

Reliability: I will own a mobile only if it is reliable, which means it has to do its job effectively for the given span of time, for which I have paid for.

Durability and long life: There are a number of mobile phones in the market that are low cost and equally durable. No matter how rough you use them, they stay well for a very long time. I would definitely expect my budget mobile to be durable.

Low and easy maintenance: While buying a budget mobile I will definitely look for easy maintenance. I would always prefer the ones which don’t need frequent tweaks and repair. The mobile phone has to be simple to handle and maintain.

Brands:  Brand is very important in choosing a budget phone. If we compromise on brand then we may end up losing quality.


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