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How much does it cost to build an On-Demand Taxi App?

The Wave of the On-Demand Applications is still riding high and will keep on getting higher because if there is a demand for something in the market then so is the supply. One of the widely known on-demand app concepts is Taxi Booking app also known as Ride Hailing apps. How much it would “Cost to develop an app”? These on-demand taxi mobile apps are still the talk of the town even though they have been in the market for years, all thanks to Uber! And even today we at ChromeInfotech receive taxi booking application projects every now and then. As one of the best taxi app development companies in the industry, our highly-skilled team has built over 7 success On-Demand Taxi Apps. We will talk about these projects later in the blog but for now, let’s focus a little more on why these on-demand apps are so in trend and how do these applications hold the power to shape our future? Here we will be throwing light upon what goes into the making of an Uber-like on-demand taxi booking app. And wi…

Android one, Economical Smart Phone-a Dream Comes True!

Oh yes! It’s a good news for those who are looking forward to buy an android phone loaded with latest features but with an affordable price tag on it. Google is all buckled up to launch Android one in Indian market by this October. Google is launching it in India first and then it will be launched in markets like India. It is going to get attention of many users because of its quality and the big name attached to it i.e., Google.

Estimated Cost
Android one is a platform which will give an opportunity to develop high quality android phones in affordable price range and many companies like Miramax, Karbonn, Spice, Celkon and Intex have already started working to make this project a reality. The price of the android one cell phone will be around $100 or Rs.6000. this is an economical price range for a Smartphone and hence it is predicted that this phone is going to be a hit amongst millions of users in India itself.

What is Google offering!
Local partners along with Google are planning to …

How to go mobile on budget?

Let’s begin to count the number of people without mobile phones?
Gosh! There are hardly a few left in this world to jump into the ocean of mobile phones. With latest of technologies and the fame of brands, everybody wants to grab and own the best available mobile phones in the market.Choice of buying a mobile phone is solely a personal decision. Price plays an important role in selecting a wise one. We all have our own range of budget allocation for buying a mobile or cell phones. 

Tips to find an iPhone Application Development Company in India

India is one of the best places to look when it comes to IT development. With the increasing number of iPhone users demanding high quality apps from businesses, investing on this side of the enterprise should be a major consideration, especially when the majority of your target consumers use the medium. Before seeking out a developer, there are some important factors you should consider and decisions to put in place to know exactly how you should approach the process.

Benefits of Using Android Application Development Service in India

More Android app developers are surfacing in the market as the technology continues to dominate mobile gadgets. Being an open source platform, Android gives developers the freedom to expand the platform and nourish it using all kinds of technical updates and sophisticated advancements. This gives them an edge in the international markets. With such a strong, growing community behind the platform, Android can be considered a more stable option devoid of many bugs and less susceptible to breakdowns. This is exactly why businesses wishing to tap into the mobile market should consider developing for Android and hiring application developers who offer expertise in Android-based applications. Below are major benefits to using android app development services in India: