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What are the Benefits of iOS App Development?

Aside from deciding on the design and features of your app, there’s another critical decision to make before you commence actual development. Should you deploy on the iOS platform or on Android? There are many benefits to developing for IOS including the following:

How You Can Enhance Your Skills in Zend Framework

An open source PHP Framework, Zend is designed to help developers build websites faster. It supports web 2.0 as well as cloud computing technologies and is known for its extreme simplicity, flexible architecture, and high productivity. This framework is designed for large scale development and is renowned for being low maintenance. Zend also offers support for Ajax and different database systems including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle, etc. If you plan to build a large website with sufficient complexity, then it’s time to enhance your skills in Zend framework.

Advantages of Using Custom Mobile App for Development

Deciding whether or not your company can benefit from hiring mobile app developers to create custom software can be daunting. You may be wondering—do the benefits outweigh the expense? Below we have listed some of the many advantages of having a custom mobile app made for your business, so that you can judge for yourself.