Latest Android KitKat Has Increased The Market Share Of Android Based Smartphones

The recent update of android to its latest version, KitKat, has undoubtedly contributed towards its increased market share. With lots of features and advantages, the newly released version of android is attracting more users than ever. One of the reasons for this is the fact that KitKat android system has a lot to offer to the mobile developers. As a result of this, the applications that are landing are more advanced, thus, giving a high tech feeling and increased crave for attaining it to the users.

What android apps development has for developers?

Developers working with KitKat can make use of various advantages that the operating system now has to offer. Each of these advantages can then be brought into full-fledged use by the enterprises and communications.

The full screen mode of KitKat is one such feature. This mode provides the liberty of customizing the apps according to the screen of the mobile. Even the least pixel of the mobile screen can be brought to full use now. This is turning to be seemingly attractive for readers and other media based apps.

Further, the new transition framework of KitKat 4.4 is all set to introduce the animations between different ages of a single app. This makes the application more presentable. This is specifically greater advantage for enterprises looking for their own Android apps Development as this is going to give them a positive brand building access.

Going a way ahead to the screenshot facility, KitKat android system also blesses developers with the screen recording facility. As a result of this, the developer has now the full freedom to record the working style of app in an MP4 file. This tool can be easily accessed by android debug tool.

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