Android L Vs iOS 8 : Who is The Real Game Changer?

One of the most important news in Smart phone world is the launch of Apple iOS 8 and Android L (5.0 Lollipop) by the two giants of the industry. Apple has already fixed the date to launch the charismatic iOS 8 but Google has yet to confirm about the date of launch of magnificent Android L , though world has already peaked in to it in developer’s conference earlier held by Google.
Both iOS8 and android L are going to be next gen, feature packed and loved by all technologies. They serve two different and separate platforms but both can shake the future of respective companies.

 Features of Apple iOS 8

SIRI: The new SIRI will be activated by just saying HEY SIRI; this new remolded siri is now connected to Shazam music. But siri will only work when connected to the power as it uses a lot of energy.

iCloud: It’s a new cloud service by using which you will be able to update files from different devices, you can easily access your documents and can work on them like you do on Mac book.
Health related to App: A very interesting feature which will give an edge to iOS 8 is the Health app which comes along. This health app will work as your health card where you can save all the information about your health like your blood group, B.P, any medication, known allergies and name of your doctor etc. This information can be retrieved in time of emergency and need.

Notifications: It offers interactive notifications which can be responded without logging out from the current App.

Keyboard: Key board is more interactive this time, quick response of suggested words will enhance the typing experience.

Features of Android L

Keyboard: The latest Keyboard is more accurate, fast and can be downloaded as an App from Google play store. It’s a part of latest material design of Android L.

Notifications: This time Notifications from lock screen will directly take you to the App and will be in sequence according to your past activities.

Android wear Apps: You can sync data from your Smartphone to specially made Android wear devices like a watch. These Apps can be automatically update or downloaded through any Android wear device already linked to your phone.

It is really exciting to see, who is going to won the game!


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