Advantages of Using Open Source Platforms for Web Development

Open source technology is the very difference between Google and Apple. It determines your ability to access the software you are using. Open open source technology offers a world of advantages for clients, which is why many developers use open source exclusively. Code that is free for all and open to the public are less susceptible to bugs and glitches because more people monitor it and use collaborative effort to maintain its quality. Many of the best technologies have come out of open source libraries and resources because of this fact.

Practicality is also a major advantage of using open source platforms for web development. Because open source codes are free, there are fewer development costs, minimal maintenance fees, and absolutely no licensing fees to be concerned about. Open source platforms are typically accessible using Content Management System (CMS) back end. This enables administrators to modify pages, include new menu items, add content, upload photos, and graphics, and make adjustments through the system’s backend. The main benefit to this kind of approach is that there is no special or additional software installation required in order making these kinds of adjustments. Moreover, open source platforms are accessible through different computers as long as you have a browser and internet access.

Web developers also benefit greatly from open source technologies as they help cut down development time, thus allowing them to complete systems much faster using plugins and modules that are well maintained and have fewer bugs. This also allows them to upgrade or downgrade as needed, offering great advantages in terms of scalability. While there is still some debate over which approach is better, open vs. closed technology, many developers stand firm in their use of open source as a cost-effective and time-saving technology, helping clients run quality systems within their budget.


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