Android Application Development : Right From The Scratch Till Top !

Android not so lately occupied the whole market! From smartphones to all major smart gadgets, android is ruling the tech world! Being an open source code, it is much easy to adopt and develop android. Most smartphone manufacturers started making Android phones and took Androidapplications development seriously. Looking at the market share of smartphones, maximum phones these days run on Android. Other than that, there are other devices too that run on Android. The main reasons for the popularity of this mobile operating system is that it is free. Also, after Google acquired it, the integration of Google services went in favour for Android. Other than that, there are apps, or applications for Android. Currently, the Android store is the largest app store.

Developing for Android

Android applications development is relatively easy. First of all, since Android is open source code, the SDK or the software development kit is available to everyone for free. So, anybody who can code can develop for this operating system. Over the time, Android has got updated and new features have been integrated in the operating system. Also, new hardware have also been brought into market. All the new features and the hardware support is there in the software development kit. The kit also comes with an emulator that will simulate the application before it is loaded into the smartphone.

The devices geared up by Android

One of the most important aspects of Android is the devices. A large variety of devices run on Android. So, when people talk about mobile applications development, they usually talk about Android development. There are devices like smartphones, cameras, handheld gaming consoles and more devices that run Android. Lately, there are wearable gadgets, like smartwatches that run on Android too. These wearable gadgets can have their own apps too. Or, in other words, you can develop an application that is natively designed to run on a smartwatch. The new user interface model and the notification patterns and more can be simulated on the desktop by the software development kit.

The future prospects

In mobile applications development, Android has a bright future. First of all, Android has tons of devices and many of the flagships, like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the Sony Xperia Z2 runs on Android. Also, Android is there on much cheaper phones. This allows the application developer to reach out to a much larger number of people. Many online services are making their own Android applications so that the services can be accessed easily by the users. 


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