What are the Benefits of iOS App Development?

Aside from deciding on the design and features of your app, there’s another critical decision to make before you commence actual development. Should you deploy on the iOS platform or on Android? There are many benefits to developing for IOS including the following:

1.      Apple IOS customers tend to be more willing to pay. Studies show that Android apps generate a very small fraction (less than 10%) of the total money people spend on mobile apps. So if you are hoping to sell and make actual money for your efforts, target Apple users who seem to be more willing to pay for apps.

2.      The Apple Ecosystem is tightly controlled. Xcode, iTunes, iCloud, the App Store, the iPhone, Mac computers, and the iPad offers holistic user experiences, enabling people to share data seamlessly across devices plus the content prior to going on sale. Xcode, an all-in-one IDE from Apple, offers state-of-the-art features including a graphical interface builder and a compiler-aware / syntax-aware source editor.

3.      Your app can benefit from being associated with ‘The Apple Experience’. From the finish of its iPhones to the distinct customer service it offers in its stores, Apple has no doubt created a premium brand in the competitive consumer electronics niche. As an iOS developer, you too can share the benefits of this brand. When a user downloads your iOS app, they are confident that it will be a great product and that it will work flawlessly on their Apple device.

4.      The iOS platform is leading tablet market adoption, so it makes sense to create an app that iOS apt.

5.      If you are targeting iPad users. It’s also easy to migrate an iPhone app to an iPad app using Xcode. Phone to tablet app migrations are harder to do on Android.


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